JetpackZMBS Respawn

How to play


Player1: Use ARROW KEYS to move and L-CTRL to shoot.

Player2: Use WASD to move and SPACE to shoot.


Press B to open the shop. CLICK on one of the (green colored) upgrades to purchase it.


The current health and ammunition is displayed above the individual player(s).
The combined score is shown in the top left corner.
With random chance some zombies drop a small gem or other loot (aid kit, ammo) on death. Collect these gems to increase your score and buy new upgrades.


Damage: Increases Damage for all players

Speed: Increases both the walking and the shooting speed for all players.

Luck: Increases the chance for good gem drops by zombies.

Cheat: As this version of the game is not finished nor polished the cheat-mode is still available. Click anywhere during the game to spawn random loot.

Credits, Sources and Inspiration

This project is a port of my original school project, which was created in Java. Shiffman hosting Coding-Train inspired me to make this project with p5.js.


Thanks to all artists who provided their work as CC0 or public domain.