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Effortlessly create flashcards from PDFs.
Highlight content in PDF documents and link your card content back to the exact source in the PDF.


  1. Features
  2. Technology
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Features #

  1. Annotate lecture notes, documents or books

    Annotate important text or images in the pdf and note your thoughs on them. Easily skim through your exising notes and highlights to save time. Different highlighting colors are available that allow organizing categorizing them.

    Screenshot of web interface for creating flashcards from a pdf document. Connecting lines are drawn between the cards and the document source.
  2. Study flashcards

    Study your cards directly in the web app or send them to Anki to fit your existing workflow.

    Screenshot of the study interface. The front of the card is displayed with buttons options to show the answer. Screenshot of the study interface. The answer of the card is displayed.
  3. Organize flashcards and documents

    Organize and tag your cards and documents.

    Screenshot of the tool showing a grid of all the created cards
  4. Offline Mode or Online Sync

    Keep your cards and documents completely secure offline or optionally sync them to multiple devices with a free account.

    Screenshot of the tools menu
  5. LaTeX Support

    Include advanced mathematical expressions on you cards with the included LaTeX support.

    Screenshot of a flashcard on a top of a card stack containing mathematical formulas

Technology #

  1. Angular
  2. CKEditor
  3. pdf.js
  4. PWA
  1. Landing page:
  2. PWA / Web app:
  3. Github (not public yet):